FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Can I change or cancel my order before the shipping?

    Unfortunately it is not possible to change sizes and/or quantity of items after the order has been placed. Anyhow do not worry, we inform you that we can cancel your order before it will be shipped. We suggest you to contact our Customer Care as soon as possible, otherwise your order will be regularly shipped.

  2. I have not received the order confirmation e-mail. What shall I do?

    We apologize for the inconvenience. We suggest that you first check your junk / spam inbox. If you haven't received it please contact our Customer Care. Click on Contact us.

  3. I have received the shipment confirmation. When will my order arrive?

    In Italy and Europe orders are generally delivered within 1-2 working days of dispatch. For other destinations and further information on delivery time and costs see Shipping information section. For information about the status of your parcel or to change the delivery arrangements, contact the DHL Express customer service directly, by providing them with your DHL tracking number.

  4. I placed an order but it does not appear in my account. Why?

    You have probably placed the order as a Guest customer, which means that you are not registered, therefore it does not appear in your account. If you already had an account when you placed your order, you probably did not log in. Or you simply created the account after placing the order. However, don't worry, you can still track your order as soon as you receive the shipping confirmation email.

  5. I have not yet received my order. What shall I do?

    Orders are generally processed one working day after we have received them. Unfortunately, due to the high number of purchases, orders may be delayed, and we kindly ask you to be patient. As soon as your order has been shipped you will receive an e-mail withthe DHL Express tracking number that you can use to Order status. If the tracking information is not available at once, it will be updated the same evening or on the first following working day. Click on Order status.

Order problems

  1. I have received faulty or wrong item, what shall I do?

    We apologize for the inconvenience. Contact our Customer Care at ordini@subdued.com by sending us both the complete article code of the wrong item you received and that of the item you were supposed to receive .

    In case you have received a damaged item (within a maximum of 60 days from the shipment of the order) we kindly ask you to send us a photo too. We will get back to you as soon as possible with information for the exchange or refund. We inform you that we cannot accept returns of items with visible signs of wear. All items are inspected once received in our warehouse.

    In case of non-reporting to our Customer Care and/or items returned without a confirmed fabric defect and/or without the internal composition label, we cannot guarantee a refund/exchange.

  2. One or more items are missing in my order. What shall I do?

    We apologize for the inconvenience. Contact our Customer Care at ordini@subdued.com. by sending us the complete code (s) of the item (s) not received.

Checkout info

  1. I cannot complete the order. The site does not accept the shipping information. 

    Before proceeding with filling your shopping cart, choose the country in which you want the order to be shipped; you will automatically be redirected to that country's store view. You just need to select your Country by clicking on the flag in the upper right corner of the website. Here you can also choose your language.

  2. I cannot complete the order. The site does not accept the payment method.

    Unfortunately the only payment methods accepted are the ones written in the "Payment section". If you have problems in using your card, or you do not receive the "Secure Code", you can also complete your payment via Paypal, without the need of creating a Paypal account. Just select Paypal as payment method, once in the payment page, you will then be redirected to Paypal login page. Here just click on "pay by card" and enter your card details. 

  3. May I enter a post office box (p.o. box) as a shipping address?

    Unfortunately not, in order to complete the delivery of your order, it is necessary to enter a delivery address where someone can physically take your parcel and sign for delivery. In case the shipping address you entered corresponds to a P.O. Box or contains any error that prevents the delivery, you will be contacted from our Customer Care for further information.

Return request

  1. How many days do I have to return an item?

    You have 15 days from when the order has been dispatched. After this deadline, your return may not be accepted. We remind you that as soon as your return request has been placed, you have a maximum of 30 days to allow us to receive your return parcel in our warehouse.

  2. I want to return an item. What shall I do?

    Go to Return & refunds and follow the guidelines. Once your return request has been accepted, you will receive an email confirmation with attached the return label you have to print and put on your package before the pick-up. Once the package arrives at our warehouse, you will be refunded. You will receive a last confirmation email once the refund has been processed.
    In the "Return & exchanges" you must write:

    • Your Order ID and that is the order number that you’ll find in all the confirmation emails you have received (remember not to enter #)
    • Your surname (the surname you wrote when ordering)
    • E-mail address and postcode (that you wrote when ordering)
  3. I did not received the dhl express return label. What shall I do?

    The DHL Express return label will be sent to the customers who choose to use our ensured return service with DHL Express. If you did not receive it, please visit our Return & refunds section, follow the procedures indicated and choose DHL Express as shipping method. For more shipping costs information visit our Shipping information section. In case you have already filled out the Return form online, please contact our Customer Care.

Return shipping

  1. I have sent two return requests for the same order. Can I ship the items in the same package?

    If you have sent more than a return request for the same order, please remember to ship all the items in the same package. Remember to print just one return label and book just a pick-up with DHL Express, otherwise you will pay twice for your return shipping.

  2. Which packaging should I use to ship my return?

    You can ship your return parcel using the original packaging, as long as it is still intact and does not show signs of tampering and/or usury. If not, you can choose a different packaging to ship your return, ensuring you that it is in good condition, well sealed and can handle shipping.

  3. Can I ship the return with a different courier?

    Sure! In this case, however, you will be fully responsible for both the costs and the return shipment and for any failure or late delivery to Osit Impresa. Remember to enter the same data you used when purchasing, otherwise we may not be able to find your order and your return may not be accepted.

  4. I don't manage to book the return with dhl. What shall I do?

    1. It's very simple, just click here and choose the country from which you want to send your return . To select your country, simply click on the flag at the top right.
    2. When you are asked if you want to create a new waybill, answer NO because it is the one you have received attached to the return acceptance email after filling out the online return form.
    3. The DHL Express waybill number you shall use is the waybill number that you may find on the label below the barcode. Remember to enter only the numbers without spaces.
    4. Enter the country code (for example +39 Italy) and your telephone number.
  5. The courier has not shown up. What shall I do?

    In order to book a new DHL collection, contact DHL Express customer service directly by providing the collection number (PRG), which was the number provided to you after your last reservation, explain to them what happened and that you want to book a new collection.

Returns general info

  1. Can I return my order after the deadline?

    We do not accept return parcels after the deadline, except for the case of mistakes notified to our Customer Care on time. If you ship your return parcel after the deadlines, we may ask you to contact a courier of your choice to organize a pick-up and ship it back to you. In any case we cannot guarantee a refund.

  2. In which cases my return may not be accepted?

    Returned items in unsuitable conditions: dirty, worn out or without hygiene adhesive strips and/or labels will not be refunded. If we receive items in similar conditions, we may ask you to contact a courier of your choice to organize a pick-up and ship it back to you. In any case we cannot guarantee a refund.

  3. Can I return swimwears and/or accessories?

    Health and safety of our customers and respect of our employees are extremely important for us, that’s why we inform you that we will not accept returns of dirty swimwears, without hygiene adhesive strips and/or labels, accessories and jewellery off its original packaging.

  4. Can I return an item purchased online in a subdued store or vice versa?

    Unfortunately due to fiscal reasons, it is not possible to exchange items bought in the Online Shop in a Subdued store, or vice versa. The only way to exchange an item purchased online is to ask for a return visiting our Return & refunds section and make a new order with the correct item

  5. When will I be refunded? How can I know if the return has arrived?

    If you have chosen our DHL Express courier for your return and want to track it, remember to keep the waybill code you used when you booked the return and write it on Order status. Your return will be processed and refunded within approximately 10 working days of arrival at our warehouse. You will receive a confirmation email after the refund process is complete.

Items and restock information

  1. Is there a size guide?

    Sure! You can see it by clicking in the specific section at the bottom left part of the Homepage or within each product page. We also remind you that measurements you can see on our Size Chart are referred to the person and not to the item you will receive with your package.

  2. Are the sizes Italian or European?

    The sizes you see on our website correspond to the sizes of the Country you are surfing from, or of the shipping Country you have selected in the right top of the page. For some jeans instead we follow American waist sizing.

  3. How will I know when an item will be back in stock? 

    Unfortunately we do not know if and when the item you are looking for will be back in stock. Anyhow missing items and sizes are restocked three times a week in the afternoon, according to their availability in our warehouse. Therefore we suggest that you check the availability of items every Monday, Wednesday and Friday after 5:00 pm.

E-Gift Card

  1. I want to buy an E-Gift Card how can I do it?

    You can find the e-Gift Card in each category of our site or by clicking here. Remember that it can only be used online and can only be used with the e-mail address of the recipient to whom it was given. For this reason, at the time of purchase, be careful to correctly write the email of the person whom you want to give it. .

  2. I purchased a gift card at the store. Can I spend it online?

    Sorry, it is not possible to spend Gift Cards purchased online in stores. For more further information contact the shop where you want to do your purchase.

  3. I purchased an E-Gift Card but I have not yet received the confirmation e-mail. Why?

    As soon as the purchase is complete you will receive the order confirmation email. The e-Gift Card code will be sent to the receiver by e-mail one working day after the purchase. We suggest that you also check in the spam / spam box. If several days have passed, please contact Customer Care. Click on Contact us

  4. I can't pay with the e-gift card. What should I do?

    You have 2 options to be able to use your e-Gift Card:

    1. You can redeem it and link it to your account by transforming it into Online Store Credit
    2. Or you can enter the code of your e-Gift Card as a payment method in "Apply Gift Card" at checkout.

    If you still have doubts visit our e-Gift Card.

  5. The code of the e-gift card does not work. Why?

    The e-Gift Card can only be used with the receiver of the gift cards e-mail address that was used at the time of purchase. Make sure you're using the same email address. If you still have problems contact Customer Care.

  6. How do I know the unused credit of my E-Gift Card?

    You can view the remaining balance of the e-Gift Card once at checkout by selecting "Online Store Credit" as the payment method. If, on the other hand, you have not redeemed it and / or you have used it previously, just enter the code of your e-Gift Card at checkout in "Apply Gift Card" and click on "view balance"

Customs Duties

  1. My country is out of European Union. Will I be charged customs duties for my order?

    We ship from Italy, so, if your Country is out of European Union, customs duties may be applied randomly or according to your order amount. Unfortunately customs duties do not depend neither on the courier and nor on the seller. These fees are calculated from each country, according to their Regulation and the total value of the items that actually are in the parcel, and written in your invoice.

  2. I want to make a return but my country is out of European Union. Will I be charged customs duties for my return?

    Customs duties must be paid by the parcel receiver. If your Country is out of European Union and you are returning items to us in Italy, customs duties will be at our expense. As you may have been charged with customs duties for the original shipment of your order, we confirm to you that these fees will be paid by us for your return shipping.

Store pickup (EU COUNTRIES ONLY)

  1. I placed an order and chose to pick it up in-store. How can I track it?

    Once your order is shipped, you will receive a first email with the DHL Express tracking number. When it's ready for pickup in the store, you'll receive a second email with instructions and pickup times.
  2. I selected the wrong store for pickup. What should I do?

    If you selected the wrong store for pickup, contact our Customer Service at infosubduedshop@subdued.com. Please note that you can change the pickup store, but you can't switch from store pickup to home delivery. Also, keep in mind that you can change the pickup location only if your order hasn't been shipped yet.
  3. How much time do I have to pick up your order in store?

    You have 10 calendar days from the date of delivery of your order to pick it up at the store you selected during the purchase.
  4. How do I pick up my order in store?

    To pick up your order in-store, simply show the QR code you received via email to our shop assistants. Remember to bring an ID with you, otherwise, we won't be able to deliver the package to you.
  5. What if I can't pick up my order within 10 days?

    If 10 calendar days have passed since the date of delivery to the store, your order will be sent back to the warehouse, and we'll refund the full amount according to the payment method you chose during your original purchase.
  6. I can't personally come to the store to pick up my order. What should I do?

    Download the form you received via email, fill it out, and have the person who will pick up your order bring the completed and signed form to the store. The person should show the form at the checkout and bring a valid ID.
  7. My order shows as picked up, but I have never been to the store to collect it. What should I do?

    If your order shows as picked up but you do not have your package yet, please contact Customer Service by emailing infosubduedshop@subdued.com. We will do our best to assist you.

  8. I want to request a return for an order I picked up in-store. What should I do?

    Access the Returns & Refunds section and follow the provided procedure. Your return will be processed and refunded within approximately 10 business days after reaching our warehouse. You'll receive a confirmation email once the refund process is completed. Please note that you cannot return the order to the store where you picked it up or to other Subdued stores.
  9. How long do I have to request a return for an order picked up in-store?

    You have 15 days from the order shipment date. After this period, the return might not be accepted. Please remember that once you request a return online, you have a maximum of 30 days to allow us to physically receive the shipment at our warehouse.

Ask our customer service

Didn't find the answer to your question? Contact our Customer Service via email or telephone. We will be happy to assist you.