The purpose of this section is to regulate the reporting of possible violations of national or European Union regulations that harm the public interest or the integrity of one or more of the Subdued Group Companies, by anyone who has become aware of such violations in the context of their working, collaborative or professional relationship with the Company or, in any case, in the work context as defined below. In particular, it is intended to illustrate: the channels, procedures and prerequisites for making internal or external reports, as well as the operational indications that the reporting party must comply with in order to submit them; the protections reserved for the reporting party, as well as the responsibilities that the reporting party may incur in the event of reports that turn out to be false or unfounded; the measures envisaged to protect the persons reported and the other persons involved in the report in various capacities.

By following the links below, you can create a new report or stay up-to-date on an existing report, taking care to select the page corresponding to the Company that is the subject of the report.